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In 1946, Paris, and France in general, like many other countries, was slowly recovering from the terrible years of wars. A lot of factories were in ruin, the food was still rationed (and remained rationed until 1949) and a lot of people were living in misery. There were major health problems. The number of births also increased, which provoked a major housing problem. 
However, life returned to normal as quickly as possible, and the first post-war major fashion show was organised by Christian Dior in February 1946. A carnival was organised in Paris in 1946, the industry started building new cars, and exhibited them in the Paris automobile show of that year. 

It is also in 1946 that the famous French film "La Traversée de Paris" was released.
Is there a better idea, if you want a trip accross Paris, than having a vintage Michelin Paris guide?
Michelin had stopped publishing its guides (red guides for restaurants and green guides for towns and cities) from 1939 to 1944, when Michelin reopens its offices in Pereire Boulevard.

However, in 1944, there was a reproduction of the 1939 guide for the Allied troups to help the D.Day invasion of Normandy, and the progression through France (all French signs in occupied France had been replaced by German signs). The only difference with the original 1939 guide was the mention (in English) "For official use only".

This 1946 Michelin guide of Paris is rare. Most of the vintage Paris guide we can find are from the 1950s onwards. It is in French. 

It is in very good condition, with just a pencil mark on the front cover. It still has its old price label on it (72 old Francs -the new Franc was created in December 1958). The top right corner on the front cover shows light signs of age.

You will find a great number of illustrations in it (no photos), maps, plans, and a fantastic text that explains everything about selected Paris monuments, churches, about Notre Dame cathedral, some neighbourhoods... 

The top quality of the texts, which never forget to talk about the historical background of places, has made the reputation of Michelin guides!

The back cover text explains how to use the guide. One star is for an interesting place. Two stars are given to recommended places, and three stars are given to highly recommended places. 

Dimensions : 26 cm x 12 cm

Weight (without protection and packaging) : 137 g

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