1950s white/cream vintage hogskin gloves. In original box.


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Invited to go to the restaurant ? 
Or maybe to the ball ? Do not miss the opportunity to wear those very elegant vintage gloves.

These gloves are made of real hogskin, hand sewn. They were probably made in the 50s. They are in fact rather cream than white, although they can appear more cream inside with an artificial light, and whiter if you are outside (all photographs except one were taken outside, on a sunny day) Don't wear them to do your gardening !  ;-)
The leather is very soft inside the gloves, which makes them very pleasant to wear.
Although a bit dirty, the gloves are clean enough to be worn as they are (see photographs), but they can be washed to make them look perfectly white, and try to remove stains.
For more information about how to clean vintage leather gloves, please click HERE, or HERE, for example.
The size of these gloves is 6, but they are quite narrow for this size, which means they should be bought for somebody who has very small hands and very thin fingers. 
And they are in their original box, which is rare !

3rd picture has been taken with a flash.


13.2 cm / 5.19685"

8.5 cm / 3.34645"

29.8 cm / 11.7322"

7.8 cm / 3.07086"

2.5 cm / 0.984251"  (please also take into account the thickness of your finger which can reduce those measures)

Dimensions of the gloves' box :
31.5 cm x 10.2 cm / 12.4015 " x  4.01574 "

Weight with the box (without protection and packaging): 330 grams.

£14.00 inc. tax


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