1960 book about Paris. In English, French and German.


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This 1960 book about Paris was withdrawn from a public library. In consequence, it has probably been borrowed and used by many people and it shows numerous signs of age on the front and back covers and the very first page. Inside, in the first two pages, you can see the stamps of the library. The book has been covered by librarians, with adhesive for its protection, so the adhesive is visible on the inside covers (front and back). Traces of tape are also visible on the covers. The top of the jacket on the spine is a bit damaged. 

The covers, especially the back one, are a bit dirty and need to be cleaned, possibly with cotton and a bit of alcohol, which I will not do. (Please dry the covers immediately if you choose to clean this book with a piece of cotton. Do not leave the covers wet).

The inside pages are in good condition, though (apart from the very first one, showing the library stamp, which is damaged.

It is a photography book with all text in three languages : English, French and German.

There is an introduction by French author André Maurois, and many black and white photographs of different sizes on each page.

Only three photographs are in colour, at the beginning of the book : one before the introduction, and two after the introduction.

Each photograph is described in the three languages. They were taken by photographer André Martin.

The six chapters of the book are :

- People
- Façades
- Landmarks
- Churches
- River
- Night

Please note that a few pages in the last chapter show photographs of nude women (topless only) working in cabaret shows of Pigalle.

This book is the 1960 edition by Spring Books, London. 

"Famous cities of the world" series. 

I think, although I am not sure about that, that it is the first edition. There was another one in 1961, and several ones later on.

It contains a total of 160 pages, with an index at the beginning of the book. 

Hardcover with paper jacket (not removable).

Dimensions : 23.3 cm x 30.3 cm 
Thickness : 1.5 cm

Weight (without protection and packaging): 1033 g

This picture measures only 10 cm  x  7 cm in the book.

The same street nowadays. 
Do you recognise the "Lissac" building?
Amazing, isn't it?
(Capture of screen from Google Map)

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