1961 Fisher Price Chatter Phone. Made in the UK.


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This friendly Fisher Price chatter phone is not the very first Chatter Telephone Fisher Price has produced as it does not have the wooden base but a plastic base, but nevertheless this is an original one produced in 1961. The string is the original one. 

When you pull it around the house, the eyes move perfectly well up and down with that typical chattering sound that contributed to make this toy famous and loved by toddlers and children. 

The bells works well too when you dial a number, however the rotary dial does not come back to its normal position after turning it, so you have to do it manually. 

On some of these telephones, the wheels show that they have been rolled on hard surfaces (garden gravel for example) but this one must have been rolled on very soft surfaces like carpets or plastic floors, as the wheels are in excellent condition for their age.
The photos show that it is a bit scruffy and dirty here and there, for example on the left of the mouth, where the sticker is a bit damaged. The red paint on the nose is a bit scratched.

This Chatter Phone was made in UK. On the whole, it is in good condition for its age.

Dimensions : 

Length : 16 cm approx = 6.29" approx
Width (wheel to wheel at the back of the phone) : also 16 cm approx = 6.29" approx

Weight (without protection and packaging): 370 g 

£11.90 inc. tax


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