1972 LP James Last in Russia. In excellent condition.


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James Last, who sadly passed away on 9th June 2015, had announced a few weeks before his death his final tour, and had just given two concerts at the Royal Albert Hall. 

A visit on Wikipedia shows how impressing James Last's discography is, and how huge his success has been all over Europe. He has even played in communist Russia in 1972, in the "Palace of Sport" in Moscow !

An excellent LP, which will put you in a dancing mood, was released from the tour. The record presents old Russian melodies and new compositions by the artist.

The jacket is in excellent condition, the record itself also looks in excellent condition. A few very light traces, but no scratches.
This is the original Polydor jacket. You can see the list of all the titles on the second photograph.

Would you like to listen to the full album ? Please visit this YouTube link.

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