1978 "Tell Me Why" annual. For boys and girls.


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It is impossible to be disappointed with this fantastic 1978 (published in 1977) "Tell Me Why" annual for boys but also girls. It is full of documentaries about geography (especially about Asia with Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia), animals, historical documentaries ("masters of music", "civil war on British soil", "Conquerors Who Tamed The Britons"), people of our Earth ("The head hunters of Borneo"), planets, but also stories and cartoons... and much more !

Illustrations, but also texts, are of excellent quality.

It is in excellent condition, apart from the last page which shows some signs of age (stains due to humidity) and the fact it smells (very slightly) the cave.

The front and back covers are identical.

Dimensions : 27.2 cm x 19.3 cm / 10.70" x 7.59"

Weight : 420 g = 0.92 lb

IPC Magazines Ltd 1978 Hardcover. 78 pages. No dust jacket.

£4.90 inc. tax


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