A Children's History of Britain and Ireland


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This book is called "A children's history", but I can guarantee that anybody, apart from younger children, can read it, and will be interested in it. 

It is, without a doubt, one of the best children's history books I have seen. Nowadays, documentaries for children such as this one contain much more photographs (and other illustrations) than texts, which is alright when you need an introduction to the subject, but not sufficient if you want, or need, to acquire a real knowledge. 

Are nowadays' children and teenagers more afraid to read than they used to be in the past ? I don't think so, and they will prove it to you by reading this great history book (if you don't buy it for yourself). 

It tells all about the history of Britain and Ireland from the very first people who lived there until 1986 when this book was published. It deals with all aspects of history : political of course, but also architectural, agricultural, cultural, social, religious, artistic... 

It speaks about the everyday life of the populations of the time, diseases, towns, it tells about the wars that were fought, about invasions, explorations, the growth of trade... 

Difficult to find more complete than this 314 pages hardback, full of pictures, drawings, illustrations of all sorts, which offers, at the end, a great bibliography for each group of chapters, and a very complete index.

"A Children's History of Britain and Ireland", by Christopher Wright. Derrydale Books, New York, 1986. Printed in Hong Kong.

Please note that this is not the 1987 edition which is a reprinting, but the 1986 edition. It is not the very first edition as this very first edition was published (in 1986) by Kingfisher Books. 

This book is in excellent condition, with a few very light scratches on the back cover.

Dimensions : 26.5 cm x 20 cm / 10.43" x 7.87"

Weight (without protection and packaging) : 1260 g

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