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Did you know that if you don't buy the property you have landed on, it is then sold at auction? Unless your bank is empty, you would probably buy it anyway. 

Did you know that at any time you can trade money or a property with another player ?

I found this information on this website: 

The rules of this vintage 1961 French Monopoly game are written in French, but if you do not speak French, you will very easily find a translation on Internet. The only problem is to know how much money (in Francs) to give. This is explained at the beginning of the rules : 

Each player must receive 150 000 Francs, divided as follows :

1 banknote of 50 000 Fr
6 of 10 000 Fr
4 of 5000 Fr
3 of 2000 Fr
10 of 1000 Fr
7 of 500 Fr
5 of 100 Fr

Note that this game is still in old French Francs !

The game is complete with :

- the original box, in average condition, with pieces of tape and traces of old age and use. Please note that it is dirty and a bit more yellow than what is shown on the photos.

- the board, in excellent condition, with a few light and small spots and traces on the outside. The inside is in perfect condition.

- banknotes (I did not check the number of banknotes but there are so many of them that I suppose none are missing. The user's guide does not state the number of banknotes). They are in excellent condition.

- 6 tokens, in excellent condition.

- 2 dice, in excellent condition.

- 12 hotels, as announced in the user's guide, all in excellent condition.

- 32 houses, as announced in the user's guide, all in excellent condition.

- all the title deeds for the properties, railway stations and utilities, all in excellent condition.

- all chances and community chest cards, all in excellent condition.

Playing Monopoly in French is a fantastic way to practice the language, but of course you need to have a good level to do so, as you will need to read the instructions given on the chances and community chest cards. 

Here is a bit of help :

- "Loyer" means rent
- "Hypothèque" means mortgage
- "Faillite" means bankrupt

Playing with this vintage game is also a great way to get to know better the streets, boulevard and avenues of Paris.

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