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Rosti Mepal

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I love the originality of this Danish design Rosti melamine pitcher, which does not have any conventional handle, but a smaller version of the "Margarethe" bowl handle.

I am pretty sure this pitcher was not designed by Erik Lehmann, as the spout is very geometrical, which refers to the model as it existed before he joined Rosti company in 1974/1975, and made modifications to the spout. This model of pitcher, which is harder to find than the later ones, was made between 1968 and 1974/75.

You can use it as a pitcher, or a mixing bowl for your blender, which was originally what it was intended for. Actually, this one must have been used as a mixing bowl in the old days as there are some very light scratches, nevertheless visible, on the bottom of the bowl.

It is in very good condition, but it is not perfect as the rubber seal is dry and dirty, and as I mentioned above there are very light scratches on the bottom of the bowl.

It contains 1 litre.

Height = 16.2 cm 
Width (including handle and spout) = 14.5 cm 

Weight (without protection and packaging) = 260 g 

£16.00 inc. tax


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