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Once upon a time, there was a tiny shop run by a very, very old Lady. It was full of wonderful treasures that she had been collecting for years and years...

Her shop was not in a mess, but it was filled up with an incredible number of old and pretty things. Sometimes it was even difficult to move around as the floor itself was covered with objects.

She had an fantastic memory. You could ask her for anything, she knew if she had it or not in her shop. She then got up from her very, very old chair, went straight to a corner of the room and picked the object for you.

She had a lot of vintage clothes too. One day, I looked at the clothes for a few seconds... and my eyes were caught by this gorgeous 1970s Tru blouse. I immediately loved the pattern and the colours. I couldn't help buying it, although it is not my size ! I knew, when I bought it, that I couldn't keep it forever, but I also knew that, one day, somebody else would be so happy to find it, and proud to wear it. :-)

100% Polyester.

Size 46. (Please see conversion tables here)

Please also be aware of the fact that vintage sizes can be different than today's sizes, and check carefully the dimensions given below to make sure this blouse will fit, before buying it.

Dimensions of the blouse:

(Important : dimensions of the waist, and of the "armpit to armpit" are not expressed in circumference, but have been measured between two points A and B when the blouse was laying flat.)

- Armpit to Armpit : 54 cm = 21.26 in
- Length from the shoulder to the hem : 56 cm = 22.04 in
- Waist : 51 cm = 20.07 in
- Sleeve : 56.5 cm = 22.24 in
- Shoulder to collar :13.5 cm = 5.31 in
- Shoulder to shoulder : 40 cm = 15.74 in

Weight (without protection and packaging): 100 g 

£16.50 inc. tax


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