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Superb vintage book about Paris, first published in 1961 (but this is not the first edition, this one was printed in 1967) by Flammarion (a famous French publisher). 
It contains 409 pages of excellent text in French, and beautiful black and white pictures, some of them taken by famous photographers, like Robert Doisneau

The book itself is in very good condition. The paper jacket is in acceptable condition, with some damages. The bottom right corner and bottom left corner (front of the jacket) are damaged, and there are some stains and damages on the back of the jacket. 

This book measures 29 cm x 23 cm 

Weight (without protection and packaging): 1247 g.
The weight of the item explains the postage price for customers outside UK.

In the old days, beautiful French books were sometimes sold with their pages attached together. it was a good way to make sure the book was not second hand, as attached pages were the proof the book had not been read. Readers had to cut the pages with a letter opener. 

Some of the first pages of this book are attached on their top corner, but I do not think this is due to this old tradition, as their is no trace of letter opener on the pages, so I can not explain why some of the book's pages are still attached together.

You will see Paris as it was in the beginning of the 1960s, which would now be called the old Paris, in Passy, Belleville, Montmartre... and other neighbourhoods which have been renovated since. There is very little left of the old Paris nowadays. 

You will have fun checking on Internet what the old paved roads look like today.

The "Rue du Chef de la Ville", in the 13th district of Paris. This is what it looks like today! Even the spelling has been changed. It is now written "Duchefdelaville" (all attached)!

The neighbourhood of Belleville, still looking like the countryside in the 1960s.

Children playing in the streets of Paris, which was very common in the 1960s and 1970s in Paris.

Two "Concierges" talking to each other. Concierges were employees of an apartment building. There are still a few Concierges left in Paris, but the job is disappearing. Concierges were men or women, mostly women. They were living on the ground floor, often in a tiny flat or studio, and were quite poor. They were in charge of checking who was coming in and out of the building, distributing the mail, cleaning the building, especially the staircases, putting the bins out, and sweeping the yard. In the old days in Paris, they were also in charge of cleaning the street pavement situated in front of their building's door. 

A street in Les Halles.

The Moulin Rouge, with the Brasserie Cyrano on the right of the picture. There is a very nice 1970s Paris slide viewer for sale in this shop (please see related products) that shows this famous restaurant, which was closed in 1981.

Here is the street as it is shown in this Paris slide viewer (the colour picture below is not published in this book.)

And many other great photographs!

You will see great photos of Paris' metro, small shops, flea markets, cafés, food markets, museums, libraries, funfairs, poor neighbourhoods, rich neighbourhoods, monuments, and of course people. Some of the pages pictured here show:

The book is divided into six chapters:

- Paris, city of history
- Paris, a capital full of life
- Paris, city of arts
- Paris, city of science
- Popular Paris
- Poetic Paris

A great book to have for all fans of this incredible city!
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