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In April 1957, Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II did an official visit in Paris. Her state visit lasted for four days, and the Parisians (and the French in general) were very happy and proud to receive her. Crowds gathered in the streets of Paris to welcome her, to cheer her, and wave British flags.

There were many commemorations of this visit, and many articles were written in newspapers and magazines about it.

In its 20th April 1957 issue, Picture Post devoted many pages to this visit, with excellent articles illustrated with numerous black and white pictures of the Queen, the visit, and Paris.

It is in acceptable condition: it shows numerous signs of age, the staples are rusted, some pages are detached (two pages in the middle of the magazine, and two pages in the centre, please see pictures below), the right bottom corner of the front page is dog-eared (but obviously not done on purpose, only due to age), pages are yellow due to old age of the magazine, and the back cover is yellow and a bit dirty. However, there are no tears (apart from a small one on the top of the front cover) or scribble on the magazine's pages.

This very rare issue is called a "Special Issue" but the whole magazine is not devoted to the visit. You also have a few other articles, and some adverts in colour.

Dimensions : 25 cm x 33 cm.

79 pages in total in the magazine.

£18.50 inc. tax


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