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Problems with your liver ? Take some Citrate de Bétaïne granules, it is an excellent medicine!

Oops, sorry, the box is empty! That is not surprising as it is a very old box, made in the 1950s in France by Beaufour Laboratories.

However, if you are interested in trying Citrate de Bétaïne granules, this medecine still exists, but is now supposed to help with bad digestion only. The list of liver problems that it was supposed to cure, in those days, is a bit scary I must admit! ;-)

The price written on the box is in "old Francs", which was a currency replaced in 1958 by the "new Franc". This box was thus made before 1958. It is even probably much older than 1958 as the price later on increased and the box was sold 435 Francs.
This tin is in good condition for its age. There are a few light scratches here and there, especially around the top of the lid, and the inside of the box, just under the lid, is damaged, as you can see on the last picture, which is normal as it is made of painted aluminium, and must have been opened and closed many times.
Some traces and stains here and there.

It measures 13 cms high (5.11") and its diameter is 5.5 cm (2.16").

Weight (without protection and packaging): 30 g.

Old Francs and New Francs.

The change from Old Francs to New Francs was decided in 1958 for several economical reasons, and to help France integrate better in Europe, which was beginning to be built.

Before the euro was adopted, it wasn't rare to meet an old person who was systematically asking : "you mean in old Francs or new Francs ?" whenever you mentioned a price. 

There are still a few very, very old people (85 and over) now in France who still count with old Francs, although it is rare to meet one. However, some people still want to convert Euros into New Francs to be able to better understand how expensive an item is. Some shop tickets or bank statements still show the two prices : in Francs and in Euro, to help these people, especially old people who might feel a bit lost with all these changes.

To convert Old Francs into New Francs, it was very simple : you just divided by 100. So, for our medecine box, 416 Old Francs (of course they were not called "old" at the time) would mean 4.16 New Francs which would mean 63 cents of Euro, which means approximately 50 pence. The box now being vintage and rare, I must confess that its price has increased a little bit ;-)

£6.75 inc. tax


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