Film Fun Annual 1952. The Family Favourite.


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Film Fun Annuals were published from 1938 to 1961. 
Here is a gallery showing all the front covers of these annuals.

This is the 1952 issue of Film Fun Annual. It is in acceptable condition as the edges are a bit worn out, the first page (normally blank) bears the name (Barry) and address of the child who owned it at the time, there is also a note from Auntie Joan and Uncle Jack who bought this book to Barry for Xmas 1951, and somebody (probably Barry himself, naughty boy!) has coloured some of the drawings (see last picture) and has also coloured in pink the ears of Red Shelton, Jimmy Durante and Harpo Marx on the second page of the book. Strangely, Barry has left Tyrone Power, Alan Ladd, Errol Flynn, Betty Jutton and Betty Grable alone on the next photo page.

Apart from that, the book is mostly in black and white, with some comics in colour in the middle (blue and red only, and this is not Barry's fault). 

The back cover is a bit yellow, as well as the pages.

You will find comics and stories in this book, but also a crosswords, and a quiz called "Question Time". 

The book seemed to concern more boys than girls when it was published, but as it says, it is the "Family Favourite" so nowaday's girls will also be very interested in it. 

Dimensions : 21 cm x 28 cm = 8.26" x 11.02"

Weight (without protection and packaging): 385 g

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