Girls' Crystal Annual 1959. Published in 1958


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A 1958 (for 1959) girls' annual which has been well used as you can see on the pictures, but nevertheless it still looks good.
Apart from one page at the end of the book which is torn, the rest of the pages are in very good condition. Their colour is cream, but not yellow.

There is a note written with a pen on the back of the first page : "To Joan, from Mummy and Daddy, Xmas 1958", a stamped date, and a note written with a pencil, apparently by a child : "Girls Crystal". 

The page block, when the book is closed, looks old.
The front and back covers show many signs of age.

Dimensions : 27.2 cm x 19.5 cm / 10.70" x 7.67"

Weight (without protection and packaging): 550 g

£6.70 inc. tax


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