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Originally, "Look and Learn" was a high quality weekly British magazine that was first published from 20th January 1962 (first issue) to 17th April1982 (last issue), when it had to stop due to financial difficulties. Every year, Look and Learn published an annual. Here is the "Look and Learn" annual published in 1969 for 1970.

The content of "Look and Learn" (books and magazine), especially in those days, seemed to be intended to boys rather than to girls (sciences, military subjects sometimes). Nowadays of course, it is recognised that girls can also be interested in subjects like sciences. ;-)

This book contains extremely interesting articles such as :
- Exploring the Amazon by Hovercraft.
- More water from Hong Kong.
- The world of computers.
- Aircraft barriers
- Going, going, gone!
- Our National Anthem
- Sarah Bernhardt
and many, many others... including plenty of quizes to test your knowledge : geography quiz, nature quiz, science quiz, history quiz and arts quiz.

Illustrations (photographies and drawings), which are very numerous, are in colour or black and white.

Hardback. 128 pages. Published in 1969.

Dimensions of the book : see last picture.

Weight (without protection and packaging): 550 g

This book is in good/very good condition. The cover is slightly dirty as you can expect with an item of this age. No scribbling. It smells a little bit the cave but you've got to put your nose on it to smell it.

£6.60 inc. tax


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