The Great Season, by D. Bellamy and S. Mackie, 1981


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The Great Season, presented in words by David Bellamy, and in pictures by Sheila. Mackie. With a foreword by H. M. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. 

149 pages + glossary.

In very good condition. 

Very beautiful illustrations.

This book is the "story of the flora and fauna of an English dale from the Great Winter (the ice age) through the succeeding ages to the present day of the Great Autumn, based on information gleaned from geological formations, soil levels and the remains they contain."

Please see third picture for a full description of the content. 
Hardback with paper jacket. The hardback is in excellent condition, and the paper jacket shows some signs of age on the back cover (please see last picture), and on the top corners.

Dimensions : 24.7 cm x 19 cm / 9.72" x 7.48"

Weight (without protection and packaging): 950 g

£3.80 inc. tax


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