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When you take a look at the themes developed in this book, a lot of them being technical, you might think it is for boys rather than girls, and it was probably published originally as a boys' book in 1964. Actually, it was given as a present to young Timothy for his 9th birthday in 1971, as it is written on the first page. 

This hardback book is not the first edition of 1964 but the 1970 edition. It was published by Collins London and Glasgow, and printed in Great Britain.

Nowadays, these books are for all children and teenagers, and not only for them : when I started reading it I realized there were many things that I didn't know, so adults themselves can have great pleasure in reading them.

There are 65 themes developed in this book, from "The Story of the Needle" to "The Evolution of the Train", "Iron and Steel", "The Typewriter", "Rice", "The Story of Soap", "The Conquest of the North Pole"... and so much more !

Like the majority of children's and teenagers' books published in those days, this book is illustrated with beautiful drawings only and no photographs. 

The quality of the texts is excellent, and there is plenty to read. What I love about children's books of those days is that there was a lot to read in them, and a very good balance between the quantity of texts and the quantity of illustrations. 

It is in good condition for such an old vintage book but, as expected, it presents a few signs of age as shown on photos : the corners are a bit damaged, the bottom of the spine (the spine extreme) is a bit crushed, the front and back covers are a bit scratched, but this is very discreet, there are two rests of labels still stuck on the front cover, which I chose not to try to remove, the text block is red on the top and cream (with signs of age like stains for example) on the bottom and side. I do not know if the text block was originally red when the book was published.

It measures 22 cm x 29 cm and is 2.5 cm thick (8.66" x 11.41" and 0.98" thick)

Weight (without protection and packaging):1100 g. 

£2.90 inc. tax


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