The Romans. Peoples of the past. In very good condition. 1977.


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This is an incredibly interesting book by Joan Forman about the life of the Romans. See third photo for the contents. 
It is full of excellent illustrations (colour and black and white photos, maps (of the Roman empire for example), paintings, plans of typical Roman houses...) The texts are easy to read and explanations are very clear.

This is the perfect history book for children about the Romans, to introduce this extraordinary civilization to them, or complete their knowledge. 

It is even adapted to adults who want an introduction about the Romans. Personally, I adore children's books and I never hesitate to read them when I do not know anything, or very little, about a subject, and wish to increase my knowledge step by step. 

The front cover is a little bit dirty, but the book is, in general, in very good condition. 

This book was first published in 1975, and this is the 1977 second edition.

Published by Macdonald Educational. Printed in England.

Dimensions : 26.8 cm x 19 cm = 10.55" x 7.48"

Weight (without protection and packaging): 230 g

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