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Did you know that the "French Cancan" was the tourist version of a dance, which appeared in the beginning of the 19th century, called "Cancan" ? The exact origins of the "Cancan" is unknown, but we know that it did not exist only in France: Cancan shows also took place in England and the USA. The Cancan was originally danced by couples.

"French Cancan" appeared in Paris at the end of the 19th century, and became the symbol of the "Belle Epoque", when joy of life and carefreeness were widespread, or even the norm. Some even see in French Cancan the beginning of women's liberation movement. However, the clothes were modified to make the show more acceptable for tourists: women started wearing petticoats under their large dresses.

The tradition of the French Cancan has survived, and tourists can still see it nowadays in cabarets in Paris, like the Moulin Rouge, the Paradis Latin, or the Lido. 

This very pretty 1970s doll is a souvenir from a Cancan show in a Paris cabaret. It is dressed with very beautiful and thin black and white lace, satin and felt on her head. The satin on the back of the doll shows a few stains, and also one stain on the front, between the two arms, which is not visible when the doll is in display as the skirt is lifted and hides it. Several other stains are on the light pink ribbons.

The doll's left leg is not attached to the base, so you can move it and lift it. Be careful though, as it looks a bit fragile to me, although the rope that holds this leg is 1 mm thick and seems solid and in very good condition. However, I would not give this doll to young children to play with. It is meant to be on display on a shelf. 

One suspender seems to be missing on the left leg.

The right leg is fixed and can't be moved. The arms can't be moved either. The doll can bend own (the hips are mobile) and it has a tendency to collapse if you don't set it upright properly. You need to find the right vertical position to display it. Rotating the base (where the right foot is nailed on) may help you find the correct position. I did not manage to keep the left leg up while the doll is standing on display.

The feathers on the head are a bit grey, and I do not know if they have always been greyish like this or if this is a sign of age.

The little white spot you see on the hat (reverse side of the doll) is not a defect of the picture, it is the small nail that holds the hat to the head.

The doll has a very delicate face, with pink cheeks and beautiful eyes. There is a light and small discoloration of the forehead near the ribbon. Personally, I find it adorable!

The ribbons on the reverse side need to be ironed. Light ironing only.

It was made in France, respecting the strict criteria of French high quality manufacturing.

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