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When the Soviet regime collapsed in the beginning of the nineties, communist party membership cards were often destroyed, either by their owner or by the office itself. Some remain though, and here are some of these communist party membership cards. 

There were two sorts of membership cards : the ones that the members kept with them, and the ones that were kept in the offices, to keep a trace of each member. These ones are the office cards.

I have made a few researches about them and found that the line on the top of the card means “workers of the world unite !”, then the line under it means “Communist Party of the Soviet Union”, then “Registration Card Membership“, followed by the initials of the Communist Party Soviet Union, then you can see the number, and then the name of the member. The abbreviation on the bottom of the document means “Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union”.

These cards have 24 pages each, where you can first find some information about the card holder, like for example whether this person received honorary titles and government awards, then seven pages list all the jobs the person has had since he/she began to work (all seven pages are not always full), records of party collection (as translated), records of other changes, and then finally, the registration of all the person's movements within the communist party of the Soviet Union. When this part is filled in the card, there are some black ink stamps and written mentions.

All cards are different regarding the number and nature of written mentions, number of stamps etc. Please ask for more details for the card(s) you are interested in.

Some of these cards were issued in the seventies, and some in the eighties.

Each one is unique.

All these cards belonged to Ukrainian people, except one which belonged to a Russian man.

All these cards still have their original photographs.

All cards are in good or very good condition.

Dimensions : 11.2 cm x 15.5 cm = 4.40″ x 6.10″

Weight of each card (without protection and packaging): 36 g

Number and description of each available card : 

Issued on 5th October 1973.
Belonged to a 69 y.o Ukrainian man.
In very good condition.

Issued on 29th April 1974.
Belonged to a 34 y.o Russian man.
In good condition. The front and back covers are a bit damaged. The pages are in very good condition.

Issued on 6th June 1974.
Belonged to a 51 y.o Ukrainian man.
In good condition. The front and back covers show traces of age. The pages are in excellent condition.

Issued on 6th May 1977.
Belonged to a 28 y.o Ukrainian man.
In very good condition.

Issued on 14th November 1983.
Belonged to a 24 y.o Ukrainian woman.
In very good condition. The name on the front cover seems to have been erased by the owner, and a new name written over it. The pages are in very good condition.

Issued on 31st January 1984.
Belonged to a 28 y.o Ukrainian man. 
In good condition. The inside top corner of the front cover is damaged. Traces of ink on the front cover, coming from the ink used to write the name. Pages are in very good condition.

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