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About you
About me and Retrofanattic
About this shop
How to buy from this shop?


About you

You are looking for some great vintage items from all decades at a very reasonable price, and a great customer service.

You expect to be properly and honestly informed about the item(s) you wish to buy.

You know that an excellent communication is essential when buying online.
You expect:
- the customer service to be friendly, reliable and efficient,
- to be able to contact me anytime,
- and to receive a quick and helpful answer to all your questions. 

You want to be able to pay securely for your purchases, and you want your privacy to be respected fully.

You want your item(s) to be very well protected during transit, and to be dispatched quickly. 

You want to benefit from the best available postal service.

You expect the after-sales service, should you need it, to be fast, reliable and efficient.

Retrofanattic will provide you with all that.  ☺

About me and Retrofanattic

I have a huge passion for vintage items from the 50s, 60s and 70s (and in general Mid Century) and for everything Art Nouveau and Art Deco. However, Retrofanattic sells vintage items from all decades.

I also have a passion for France, especially for Paris. This is why you will find here a second shop called "Vintage Paris".

Finally, I love everything related to IT, e-commerce, and customer service.

So creating an online shop to sell vintage items was an obvious choice for me.


About this shop

You can contact me with the contact form (on this shop and also on the blog) or by chat when it is open.

Retrofanattic was first opened on Etsy in June 2013. The Etsy shop is still open and is now selling all items related to vintage crafts, vintage supplies, vintage DIY and tools, vintage gardening, vintage cookbooks, etc...

This shop was opened in 2017.
Retrofanattic is also selling on eBay

Retrofanattic is based in Suffolk, England.

Please read my customers' feedbacks from Etsy and from eBay to buy with total confidence from my shop. 

I will always give you, in my listings, all the information you need about my vintage items, and inform you about the damages on an item, if any. However, please feel free to contact me anytime if you need more information. 

I will always provide you with the best customer service.

Making my customers happy is the most important thing for me. ☺

Retrofanattic sometimes closes for a few days. You will be informed of the closure dates on this shop's homepage, on the blog, on the Twitter account and on Facebook. However, even when the shop is closed, you can still contact me if you need information or help with a purchase. 


How to buy from this shop?

Are you new to online shopping? 
Or would you like to learn how to buy from this shop before choosing your items? Please follow this guide:

You can also choose to pay immediately for your items and I will refund all extra postage paid.

1) You do no need to open an account to buy from this shop. You can buy as a guest. However, the advantages of opening an account are:
- You will not have to re-enter all your details if you come back for another purchase.
Only customers who have opened an account can ask for item reservations.

2) You do not need to have a Paypal account to buy from this shop. You can enter your debit/credit cards details on Paypal's secure page, or pay by card with Stripe.

3) Quote or not quote?

- When you see this logo at the top of the item's description:

It means that the item will be sent with Royal Mail. 

- When you see these logos at the top of the item's description:

It means that the item will be sent with a courier. Customers in mainland UK, please choose your favourite courier at checkout. Customers outside mainland UK, please ask me for a quote.

→ If you are in mainland UK, you never need to ask me for a quote.
If you are based elsewhere, you may need to ask me for a quote. 
Please refer to the table below:

(Most items in this shop are sent with Royal Mail.)

Retrofanattic sells worldwide, but not all countries are listed at the moment. Please contact me if your country is not listed.

                                                                   Royal Mail's world zones

Please note that Singapore is in Zone 2.

4) Buying an item: demo.

→ Have you seen an item you would like to purchase?
Add it to your cart:

A pop up will open on top of your page, asking you if you want to continue shopping, or if you prefer to proceed to the checkout now:

If you want to proceed to the checkout, this will take you to this page:

Please click on the button "Pay with Paypal" if this is your chosen option.    

The other button must be used if you would like to pay by card (processed by Stripe), or if you would like me to recalculate your postage ( combined postage). 


Then click on "Continue to payment" and choose your payment option.


Revised invoices are sent through Paypal but you do not need a Paypal account to pay them. You can pay with your debit or credit card.

Contact me.

Please feel free to contact me anytime if you need more information. I am here to help.  ☺