Privacy and security
on this website.

Retrofanattic takes your privacy and security very seriously. Our privacy policy is GDPR compliant.

Privacy policy


This website uses session cookies to keep track of basket contents, but these cookies are explicitly excluded from the "EU Cookie Law" as they aren't about tracking the user, they're part of the functionality of eCommerce websites.


You do not need to open an account to buy on this website. You can checkout as a guest.

However, even if you checkout as a guest, your data will be stored in the shop's database. After your order has been fulfilled, we will keep your details, unless you contact us to ask us to delete them.

If you abandon your cart and do not proceed to the checkout, all data you have already entered will also be stored in the shop's database, but only for 30 days. 

More details about data and database.

The data which is stored in this shop's database consists of:
- Your full name
- and/or the name of your company if you have one
- Your full delivery address
- Your full invoicing address (it may be different from the delivery address)
- Your email
- Your telephone number if you choose to enter it
- Your order(s) history, if you have already purchased from this shop.

All this data is confidential, and it will never be sold, exchanged, or given to any third parties, except if I am required to do so for legal reasons.

Please contact me if you wish me to delete your data from Retrofanattic's database. It will be done as soon as I receive your message, and in 72 hours maximum*. 

* If the shop is closed because we are away, it may take a bit longer to delete your data but in all cases we commit to do it in 1 month maximum, which is the legal delay to delete data.

When do I use your email address? 

By buying from this shop, customers explicitely allow me to contact them by email, until their order is fulfilled, to update them about their order and delivery status:

- when was your parcel collected or dropped off
- information about your tracking number and how to track your parcel
- other tracking and delivery information if necessary
- and, in general, all necessary information about your order, the tracking of your parcel, your delivery, and your return and refund should you need them.

You will never receive any emails from Retrofanattic for other reasons than your order, unless you explicitely allow us to send you information:

- You will receive our regular newsletter by email, but only if you have subscribed to it. Please subscribe here.
By subscribing to our newsletter, you explicitely accept to receive regular (usually once a month) email campaigns from Retrofanattic. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time, directly from the newsletter.

- You may also agree to receive coupon codes, promotions or other information from Retrofanattic. If you wish to receive this information, please tick the relevant options on the Newsletter form.

Please contact me if you do not know how to unsubscribe from your newsletter or email marketing campaigns or if, for any reason, you can not unsubscribe, and you wish me to do it for you. It will be done immediately.

Other emails you may receive.

Some couriers can send you a texto or an email to inform you of the exact day of delivery (and sometimes also give you a slot). I will never provide the courier (Royal Mail or other courier) with your email address or phone number, unless you give me your written and explicit authorisation to do so.
Without your authorisation, I will enter my own email address and/or phone number, and privately forward to you, by email, any useful information concerning your delivery that could be sent by the courier.


Security of your account.

Choose a very secure password when opening your account, and write it down somewhere safe. If you have forgotten it or lost it, click on "Forgotten password?" when you log in. This is an automatic process.
I do not have access to your password and won't be able to help you in case you forget it or lose it.

Security of your payments.

Paypal payments with your Paypal balance (debit and credit cards can also be processed through Paypal) or card payment with Stripe.

This shop is SSL secure (the shop's address starts with https) so your card payment with Stripe is fully protected.

Retrofanattic never receives your debit/credit cards' information. 

However, if you still feel uncomfortable using your debit/credit card on internet, but want to buy by card, please use a prepaid debit card (please read below).

Prepaid debit cards.

If you do not want to use your bank card when purchasing online, you can choose to pay with a prepaid debit card (Visa or Mastercard). This is a "Pay As You Go" card that you fill with money, exactly like you would do with a "Pay As You Go" mobile phone. This system is very secure because you can choose to have only the exact amount of money you need for your purchase on your card, and fill it only when you need to purchase an item. Moreover, there is no possibility of overdraft with these cards. If there is no money, or not enough money, on your card, the payment will be immediately rejected.

You can order prepaid Visas and Mastercards online, or find them in certain shops, like supermarkets. They are sometimes already filled with a certain amount of money (in that case, they work like a gift card and you can not top them up).

Please note that you may encounter some difficulties to receive refunds with some prepaid cards. You should read very carefully the terms and conditions of the prepaid card you have chosen, as they vary from one company to another. If you can not be refunded on your prepaid card, please provide me with your Paypal account details.