Revised invoice

The postage price in this shop is managed by a software that automatically calculates the costs according to the estimated weight of the parcel. However, because it is only an estimated weight and because softwares are far from perfect, the postage price could be miscalculated. 
This is why I advise customers to ask me to combine postage everytime they buy more than one item, instead of paying immediately. 
(You can also, as a principle, ask me to check postage for any order you make, even if you buy only one item.)
To ask me to check postage or ask me to combine postage, there is a great tool in this shop called "Revised invoice". 
The principle is very simple: when you proceed to the checkout, you will see several payment options to choose from. One of these options is "Revised invoice".

The first step is to choose between Paypal and "Other payment options". Choose "Other payment options".

You will then have to check your address, and confirm the postage service you wish to use (Royal Mail 1st class or 2nd class, for example).

Continue to Payment, and you will then choose your payment method.
3 payment options are proposed to customers:
- Pay by card with Stripe
- Pay with Paypal (in case you have changed your mind and decide to pay with Paypal immediately)
- Revised invoice.
Choose "Revised invoice", and complete your order. No payment is required at that stage.

That's all.   It's that simple!     


                                                    What happens next?

I will receive your order, and send you a message to confirm that I am going to check/combine postage. Then I will prepare your parcel, calculate the exact postage price according to the real weight and dimensions of your parcel, and send you an invoice through Paypal. Please provide me with your Paypal email address. If you have changed your mind and do not want to buy the item(s) anymore, please contact me and I will cancel your order.
Once the invoice is paid for, your parcel will be dispatched.

If you forget to ask for a revised invoice, and pay immediately (Paypal or Stripe), I will refund all extra postage paid. The refund also applies when you have bought one item only, and the postage has been miscalculated.