1925 souvenir book of postcards Expositions des Arts Décoratifs Paris


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Souvenir book of 20 postcards for the 1925 international exhibition in Paris: Exposition des Arts decoratifs (the name "Art Deco" comes from this exhibition).

The purpose of this exhibition was to present modern art in all its forms, and pay a tribute to the allied countries of WW1. Unfortunately, USA did not participate to this exhibition, despite the invitation sent by the French, because they thought they had no modern art to present. 

To know more about this international exhibition, please visit Wikipedia.

The front and back covers of this book of postcards have turned a bit yellow due to age, and they also show a few signs of age, but the postcards inside look better (they are not white, but rather cream). The reverse side of the postcards is a bit greenish.

Unfortunately, the 3rd postcard is detached from the book, hence the very good price of this rare item. This detached postcard is undamaged, though. 

The first page inside the book shows signs of age (yellow stains of humidity).

All cards are in black and white.

This book of postcards has not been opened fully to take the pictures.

- 1st card: esplanade of the Hotel des Invalides
- Porte de la Concorde
- Another general view of the esplanade des Invalides
- Pavillon de la Ville de Paris
- Alexandre III bridge and shops
- Pavillon du commissariat general
- Great Britain
- Belgium
- Sweden
- Poland
- Shops
- Portique des cloches
- Pavillon des étoffes et tissus d'ameublement (fabrics)
- Pavillon Sue et Mare
- The French village
- French Africa
- Indochina
- Bordeaux
- Toy village

Please note that removing postcards from a book of postcards may damage them, and decreases the value of the item.

Dimensions: 15 cm  x  8.8 cm

Weight (without protection and packaging): 80 g

£17.80 inc. tax


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