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Great for collectors of transports and undergrounds items, this lot of 14 vintage 1960s metro tickets.
All yellow/orange 2nd class tickets (1st class X tickets were blue). Two are yellow, and the other ones are rather orange. 
The marking is very visible on a yellow one, and one of the orange tickets' marking is faded.

The big X on the ticket means it is the new fare that was in force from 1st August 1960. 
The system of tariff with the letters of the alphabet was introduced on 1st August 1925 (apparently changes in tariffs were made on 1st of August), beginning with A of course.
Z being the 1967 tariff, the estimated date of these tickets is between 1960 and 1962, maybe 63. 
Once they reached Z, they started again from A, and this system lasted until 1975.

Some have holes and some don't. The hole means that the ticket has been used. If you go to Paris, don't try to use the unused ones, I don't think they would still be accepted ;-)

Numbers printed on the tickets:

1) Group of 5 tickets, all with holes:
- 83081
- 83082
- 83084
- 83088
- 83089

2) Group of 6 tickets:
- 04152
- 04153
- 04154 with a hole
- 04155
- 04156
- 04158

3) Group of 3 isolated tickets, all with holes:
- 81912
- 51108
- 75837 this one is a bit longer than the other ones

They are in very good condition for their age.
I can't guarantee that their colour is the exact original one as it might have changed with time (the colour might have gone a bit darker).
Ticket n°75837 has a tear at the level of the hole (the hole is too near the edge).

Distributed by the Parisian RATP, which is in charge of the transports in the capital of France. I do not know if the RATP produced (and still produces) the metro tickets, or if a supplier makes them for this company.


13 tickets: 5.7 cm  x  3 cm
1 ticket: 6.2 cm  x  3 cm

Weight of the 14 tickets together (without protection and packaging): 5 g

£6.50 inc. tax


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