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The Official FA Soccer book for boys 1979. 

Hardback published in 1978 by World Distributors Limited.

This great football annual starts really well with a short, but very good introduction. Here is an excerpt:

"From Crewe to Costa Rico*, Torquay to Tipperary, football is an international pastime, as much a part of life as the language itself. It breaks down barriers in a way politicians never could, and forges countries together."
* as written in the text.

62 pages of excellent texts + colour, black and white and blue photos, 
on thick paper.

Read about and see pictures of Kevin Keegan, Trevor Francis, Paul Bradshaw, Steve Wicks, Glenn Hoddle, Peter Ward, Gary Owen,  Ian Wallace, Ian Callaghan, Duncan McKenzie, Steve Coppell, Trevor Brooking, Gordon Jago... and so many others!

Learn about tactics and famous systems in football, find the star, play the quiz... 

The book is in good condition. Its pages are a bit yellow but have no damages or scribbles. The hardback is in good condition with some signs of age on some corners, some unstuck cellophane on the spine (front and back), due to opening and closing the book, this is very visible, and the front cover is a bit wrinkled (please see last pictures). The back cover shows some signs of age (a light scratch, visible traces on the black colour).

Dimensions: 26.9 cm  x  19.8 cm  x  1 cm

Weight (without protection and packaging): 369 g

£6.50 inc. tax


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