1980 book Needlepoint by Sarah Windrum.


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Learn everything about needlepoint with this excellent guide by Sarah Windrum. You will find in this book over 20 projects for you to make, and all the technical knowledge (materials, equipment...) to start a new activity or to improve yourself. Please see 3rd photo for more details about the contents.
In very good condition apart from the fact it smells a bit the cave, and the front and back covers are slightly scratched (light scratching) with a bigger scratch on the back cover (please see last photo: the white line). A few light stains of humidity on the first pages of the introduction.
This book is full of very pretty colour pictures, and colour or black and white illustrations
Hardback. 1st Edition 1980. Published by Octopus Books Limited, London.
80 pages including an excellent introduction with all the history background of this activity and, at the end, notes for American readers (colour guide), an index, and a list of suppliers in the UK and USA for your equipment. Please note that, due to the age of the book, some of the addresses in this list may not exist anymore.
Dimensions: 28.7 cm  x  22.5 cm
Weight (without protection and packaging): 698 g

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