1968 Above and Beyond. The encyclopedia of aviation and space sciences. Vol 13


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When a book about science, whether it is astronomy, biology..., is published, it always shows the latest developments and progress, and to read it keeps you up to date. What is also very interesting about these books is that forty or fifty years later what they show you is in fact the history of sciences...
Imagine reading a book published in the early fifties, for example, before people even knew that they would succeed in walking on the Moon one day...You can see the limits of the knowledge at the time the book was published and, who knows?, sometimes you might even be lucky enough to find a mistake in it! What about the author suggesting it will never be possible to go to the Moon?
I cannot garantee you will find a funny mistake in this book, because I haven't fully read it, and moreover, I am not a scientist myself.

Of course, the purpose of reading this great book is not to find mistakes in it, but to learn. However, it is very true that when we read a science book published a long time ago, we should bear in mind that it reflects the state of the knowledge at the time the book was published, and that there may have been changes and new discoveries since then. In consequence, an old science book could (should ?) be bought not to learn about sciences themselves, but about the history of sciences, although a great percentage of the information given in this book would still be relevant, especially if the book wasn't published such a long time ago. 

Anyway, there is a very interesting article in it about "unidentified flying objects" (this is the title of the article) trying to determine if these objects are an "aerial phenomenon or extraterrestrial beings?", which reflects quite well some of the worries, or let's say doubts, of the time.

This book is the 13th volume of an encyclopedia of aviation and space sciences called "Above and Beyond". This volume talks about tracking systems and network, and wind tunnels.

The book reflects very well the style of the 60s in its presentation, as it was published in 1968.

It is in good condition, but not very good condition as there are some signs of age on its corners and the bottom spine of the hard jacket (please see photos 4 and 5), some signs of age at the base of the inside back cover (photo 6), and light signs of age on the spine.
There is a light trace of a sticker on the "ND" of the word BEYOND, on the title, which is visible on photo 4.

Some illustrations are in black and white, and some are in colour.

This book is for adults and older teenagers.

Above and Beyond. The Encyclopedia of Aviation and Space Sciences. Volume 13 : Tracking systems and networks - Wind tunnels. New Horizons Publishers Inc, Chicago. 1968. Hardcover.

Dimensions : 28.2 cm  x  21.8 cm
Thickness is 1.6 cm 

Weight : 750 grams 

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