In white, yellow, orange or beige vintage Anchor tapisserie wool skein


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Available wrapping papers.

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 special announcement before making a purchase.

Choice of very nice vintage skeins of Anchor tapisserie wool. Can be used also for knitting or crocheting, scrapbooking, kids' activities...

How to buy several skeins?

Exact date unknown but estimated 1970s.

Choice of four colours (see "Primary colour" on the left):

Colour number 0315: orange

Colour number 0313: yellow

Colour number 0402: white

Colour number 0391: beige (looks more grey on the pictures)

Only one of each colour available.


Please note that price varies according to the colour option chosen, as they are not all in the same condition.

Please also note that instructions on the wrapping paper say: "Do not remove band. Unwind by pulling the long end". In consequence, I can not guarantee that none of the wool has been used, and that the length of the skeins correspond to what is announced on the paper: 15 yd (= 13.7 m).
1) White and yellow skeins : in very good condition.
When observing the thickness and weight of the skeins, it seems that very little, if not none, of the wool has been used: the paper band is tight around the wool, and both skeins weigh 5 g. However, there is a bit of wool on the white skein which has been pulled out.
2) Orange skein : in very good condition, very little wool seems to have been used. It weighs 4 g so some of it must have been taken out.
3) Beige skein: there is a bit of wool on the white skein which has obviously been pulled out, and the paper band is not as tight as on the previous skeins, so some of the wool has obviously been used. Also, it weighs only 3 g.
They are all made of 100% pure moth resistant wool.
Made in Great Britain by Anchor, J&P Coats Ltd, Paisley.
Packaging: those skeins will be flattened between two pieces of cardboard so they can be sent in a large letter.
£1.00 inc. tax


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