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On offer until Christmas 2018, this superb, very delicate and rare late 19th/very beg 20th century French white tulle cotton and lace blouse. The exact date of manufacture is unknown.

UK size estimated 6 to 8 (UK 
blouse size 34 approx). Please note that it is very small. For size conversions, please refer to this website.

Medium sleeves.
High waist. The waist is a bit pleated.

This blouse is made of two layers of very thin tulle cotton (tulle is always very thin and rather transparent) and is decorated with lace and embroidered lace. The embroidered lace represents bunches of small round flowers. The design is the same on the front and back of the blouse.
Even the collar is embroidered! This blouse is really a piece of art!

By the way, did you know that tulle was invented in England?

There is an inside belt on the waist, which you can close with a clasp.

There is a bone (measuring 17 cm) sewed inside the left hem.

It is in very good condition for its age, apart from the fact that the hook and eye clasps are rusted (including the inside belt clasp), and you can see inside the blouse some traces of rust, probably due to the blouse being washed, and the old metal "leaking". These traces of rust are invisible on the outside layer of the blouse, except for one very small stain on the right side of the blouse. 

Some of the hooks have been changed by a previous owner (not the very first one as the hooks are rather modern) and these ones are not rusted. All of the clasps should be changed.

This blouse needs to be taken care of by a professional cleaner who will remove the rust stains, and also a professional ironer. If you wish to remove the rust yourself, then you can try these advice. Please note that I can not guarantee these tips will work for this blouse and that you are taking a risk by doing the cleaning yourself.

All dimensions are visible on the last 3 pictures. Dimensions of the waist (in red), chest (dark green) and sleeve (yellow) must be multiplied by 2 to obtain the full round length.

Weight of the blouse: 165 g

£71.00 inc. tax


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