c1960s offset lithograph Arc de Triomphe Paris by Arno.


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Arno, the artist who painted the watercolour reproduced in this offset lithograph, is a complete mystery. There is absolutely NO information about him on the internet, and nobody seems to know who he is, or if he is still alive...

I searched the Internet for hours, and all I found was people asking questions about him in forums and wondering who he was, or people thinking he was Arno Beijk, the Dutch artist (I have contacted him and he confirmed that he is not the artist behind these paintings), or even Peter Arno, the American cartoonist. Even on Auction houses' websites specialized in Art, the listing just informs potential bidders that the lithograph was made by "an artist signing the works 'Arno' "

There is a certain number of his lithographs for sale here and there, I would not say it is common to see them, but they are not rare.

I guess he must have been a street artist in the 1950s and 1960s in Paris, and is now forgotten. As his work represents tourist places in Paris, he might have been an artist working in Montmartre, on Place du Tertre. Because he was apparently selling to tourists, you find more choice on British or American websites than on French websites. 

The price of this item reflects the absence of knowledge about the artist.

Paris has always been full of wonderful painters who capture beautiful scenes of the fine city. You can see them in Montmartre, of course, at the Place du Tertre, but also near the Eiffel Tower, Place des Vosges, near bridges, in parks... 

Here is a vintage 1950s/1960s watercolour print representing a view of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris with a few cars and some pedestrians crossing the street.

It is placed in a wooden frame which has been stained, with a golden decoration. The frame is in good condition, with a few very light signs of age, however the tape on the back side of the frame looks a bit old, is a bit damaged and is stained where the stapples have rusted. There is a piece of tape in the middle of the frame, on the back side. All this of course is invisible from the front side.

The print has never been removed from the frame, so I do not know if something is written on the back.

The print has been framed in Felixtowe in England (there is a small label at the back of the frame).

Arno's paintings are so well reproduced in prints that they really look like the original watercolours, but although I haven't removed the print from the frame to inspect it closely with a magnifying glass (this is what is advised to recognize a print from an original watercolour), and although I am not an art expert, I am pretty confident that this is a print and not an original one. 

Dimensions of the frame (the print itself is smaller) : 48 cm x 29.3 cm

Weight of the item (without protection and packaging): 1200 g 

£11.00 inc. tax


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