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It's really great to learn a language with a vintage method: not only it is interesting to know how people used to learn languages in the past, and compare with nowadays' methods of learning, but printed language methods are always illustrated with pictures and drawings, and it's nice to see these old photographs showing streets, old cars, fashion, old adverts, old banknotes... 

It is not true that learning a language with an old method is old fashioned and obsolete. The name of characters may be a little dated indeed (it would be difficult to find somebody called "Monique" in France today), but apart from that, the language is the same.

It is difficult to find a complete "Répondez s'il vous plait" BBC TV French language method, with its three books. This is an excellent method with a lot of good quality texts and exercises, and it is illustrated by black and white pictures showing characters in situation, or real life pictures, and drawings. 

Phonetic pronunciation is not explained, and I do not know if originally this method included tapes with actors reading the texts,  or if it was designed to be used with a television programme, so please bear in mind that you need to know how to pronounce French if you want to be able to read the texts and you use this method on your own, without the help of a teacher.  

On the whole, the three books look a bit old, with some differences according to the book.

Book 1. Orange cover, lessons 1 to 10.
In good condition, with a stain on the reverse of the front cover (please see 3rd picture). The covers shows signs of age and corners are dog eared (please see 6th picture).
The pages are in good condition.
A grammar summary, word groups and glossary at the end of the book.
88 pages in total, including glossary etc.

Book 2. Green cover, lessons 11 to 20. 
The block of pages is detached from the covers (please see picture 10). The covers show signs of age. A name written with blue pen on the first page.
Some pages are dog eared (please see photo 11).
A grammar summary and glossary at the end of the book.
103 pages in total, including glossary etc.

Book 3. Pink cover, lessons 21 to 30.
The colour of both sides of the cover has faded. I guess the book has been left in the sun. The pages are in very good condition.
A song called "Répondez s'il vous plait", a grammar summary and a glossary at the end of the book. 
111 pages in total, including glossary etc.

This method was made in 1969 but these books are the 1972 reprint. 
Printed in England. 

Dimensions of the books: 15 cm  x  22.5 cm
Weight of the 3 books (without protection and packaging): 566 g

£5.70 inc. tax


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