Vintage 70s or early 80s Birex pocketpak 330r camera with original box


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A great collector's item: Birex pocketpak 330. Exact date unknown but I think it is 1970s. Used and untested but looks in good condition.

The film advance lever and the shutter release are working properly. There is a little damage on the plastic, on the side written "birex". The other side (left side of the camera) is more damaged: the plastic is more scratched. (Please see 10th photo)
However, I do not know if this camera is working as I do not have a film, so I can't test it.
Please note that the label "Passed" stuck on the back of the camera is an old one. It means it passed the test at the time the camera was manufactured. It does not mean that the camera was tested recently. 
To open a camera and put a film on, you need to press down the film window (please see last photo for better explanation).
The box shows signs of age, also the trace of a label which has been removed on the top, but it is in overall very good vintage condition.
The strap is in very good condition. It might be a recent one actually.
Made in Singapore.
Dimensions of the box: 13.2 cm  x  5.8 cm  and 3.5 thickness. 

£3.00 inc. tax


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