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From the TV's fun-with-science programme, here is the Daily Mail Book of How. 

Originally, the educational programme called "How" began on television on 22nd March 1966 with the pilot episode. The brilliant idea was to have some fun while learning about science, history and mathematics, and solving puzzles. The programme was originally targeting an audience of adults, but after the pilot the creators decided to broadcast it in the afternoon for children. The first episode for children was broadcast on 25th April 1966.
The programme "How" lasted until 19th August 1981.

This book, published in 1968 (50 years ago !), compiles over 200 questions from the programme, all beginning with the word "How", following the model of the TV show. Questions are about sciences, but also crafts (ex: "How to make yourself a Spanish hat", "How to make a Japanese fish kite"), DIY (ex: "How to make a pantograph"), toys and games (ex: "How to make potato prints", "How to make a rocking toy") enigmas so solve (ex: "How can you form 11 triangles with only 11 matches"), illusions (ex: "How did the matches disappear") and also some jokes (ex: "How to throw eggs at a wedding", "How to make a pencil write any colour").

The questions are very nicely presented in the book.

The book looks a bit old, with some signs of age on the covers (especially on the top right corner). The back cover is creased and there are two small holes in it that can also be seen on the inside. White letters on the covers show some signs of age (light dirt). Some pages are a bit dirty or stained with humidity, and the book smells the cave a little bit (but the smell remains discreet). 

Dimensions: 28 cm  x  21.6 cm

Weight (without protection and packaging): 575 g

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