Vintage New York City postcards of amusement parks in Coney Island. Sold individually


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The price shown (£1) is the base price. A small supplement can be added on each option, depending on the age and condition of the card. 
Please click on the option "Choice" to see the corresponding card for each number.

Please note that the pictures have been taken in high definition, and sometimes show the grain of the paper. Also, colours can look a bit different from the original postcard, and from one computer screen to the other. 

Here we have three great vintage colorized postcards representing scenes of the amusement parks in Coney Island, NYC.
The first card shows the main entrance to Luna Park. The second one shows the Chutes in Luna Park, and the third one shows the swimming pool in Steeplechase Park. The exact date of these cards are unknown, but an estimated date is given in each description.

1) Main Entrance to Luna Park (photos 1 and 2).
In overall good vintage condition as there is minor wear on the corners only, but the reverse side shows many signs of ages (traces of humidity). This unused mat card is made of a lightly textured cardboard. 
Estimated date: 1920s (some men wear straw Panama hats). No mention of postage price on the reverse side of the card. 
Dimensions: 13.9 cm  x  8.9 cm

2) The Chutes, Luna Park (photos 3 and 4). 
In very good vintage condition with minor wear on the corners and just a few traces of age on the reverse side. This unused satin (a bit shiny but not glossy) card is made of untextured cardboard. 
Estimated date: there is a mention of postage price on the reverse side (1¢). The 1¢ rate was used between 1872 to 1917, then between 1919 and 1925, and then between 1928 to 1952. In 1952, the 1¢ tariff was definitely abandonned. (Source)
→ This postcard was published before 1952, during one of the three periods mentionned above.
Dimensions: 13.8 cm  x  8.2 cm

3) Swimming Pool in Steeplechase Park (photos 5 to 7).
In very good vintage condition although there is some wear on all corners, especially on the top right one. The wear on the top left one is more visible when you turn the card. This unused mat card is made of textured cardboard on the front side, and rough cardboard on the reverse side. It is slightly thicker than the two other cards. 
Estimated date: same as card number 2.
Dimensions: 14.2 cm  x  9 cm

Great film showing Coney Island in the 1920s:
£1.00 inc. tax


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