c1977 America's Favorite Boat Ride Cruise Guide 9th edition


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Circle Line, the NYC sightseeing tour company that published this beautiful cruise guide, has been established as early as 1945. Since that year, it has never ceased to take tourists (and certainly New Yorkers too!) for a full tour around Manhattan.
Circle line published a cruise guide to present the tour and show beautiful photos of all the great buildings passengers were going to see.

It is undated. However, in this 9th edition, Pier 83 is still mentioned as "new". The pier was renovated in 1965, and some parking spaces added, which are mentioned in the description. This is why the 1st edition of this guide must have been published around 1966. 
The date 1976 being mentioned several times in the guide, and no later date being mentioned, it looks like this 9th edition of the guide was published in 1977, possibly 1978. 

It is in very good conditon, but the bottom right corner on the front cover is a bit dog-eared, and there is some minor wear on the other corners and on the top of the back cover. Nothing serious though. 

32 pages.

Dimensions: 25.3 cm  x  18 cm

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