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Travel clocks were very popular in the old days as people didn't have any mobile phones to wake them up. They very often looked like cases that you opened to place them on your nightstand. Once closed, the clock was protected inside its case and could travel in a handbag, a suitcase...

This Europa Deluxe travel clock was made in Germany and is in very good working order, but please note that I am not an expert in clocks. However, the ticking is regular, and the clock is neither slow or late. 

There is a single button to wind up the clock and the alarm, so when the alarm has finished ringing (if you don't switch it off before), the clock also stops working and you have to wind it up again. 

This can allow you to force your clock to stop if you don't need to wake up in the morning and the noise interferes with your sleep : just make the alarm ring and at the end your clock will stop! (But you won't know what time it is anymore...)

To stop the alarm when it is ringing, you need to push button number 4 (please see last picture). To allow the alarm to ring, you need to pull the same button to its maximum (sometimes the alarm doesn't start if the button is not pulled to its maximum) you will feel a small resistance when you pull, but do not worry, you can carry on pulling gently, as this clock is very solid.

Button 1 winds up the clock and the alarm. 
Button 2 controls the time needles. You can turn it clockwise or anticlockwise. 
Button 3 controls the alarm needle, and you must turn it anticlockwise only. Button 4 is to switch on and off the alarm. Push or pull it.
Button 5 is a screw that should not be touched unless you are an avanced user of clocks and know what you are doing.

All numbers have been added on the photograph and are not part of the clock itself.

This travel clock is made of gold metal, plastic, non shiny fabric, faux leather covering the solid case, fluorescent paint to make the needles and the time (dots) glow in the dark (please note that it has been tested in a dark room and it didn't glow in the dark), and of course the inside components. 

The metal is in acceptable condition : it is scratched in some places and shows signs of age nearly everywhere. 

The red fabric inside the clock is a bit dirty, with stains and signs of age. Some of the buttons have left their mark on the fabric. 

The plastic that protects the clock (which is a bit convex) is in very good condition, with no scratches. 

There is a damage on the metal part on one side of the clock: it is pulled out and does not hold the case very well. 
The metal is damaged on this side:

Please compare with the other side, which is not damaged :

The alarm can ring for up to more than a minute, although the rhythm starts slowing down after approximately 40 seconds. Please watch the video:

You can also see, at the end of this article, a very short video showing the ticking of this clock.

Direct link:

This clock is vintage, but the precise date is unknown. It was probably made in the 1960s, possibly 1970s

Dimensions when the case is closed : 7.5 x 7.5 cm
Thickness : 2.8 cm.

Weight (without protection and packaging): 188 g

£19.50 inc. tax


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