1960s Italian-French large glass salt and sugar jars on wooden shelf


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Beautiful and unusual 1960s white glass jars to store salt and sugar, placed on their original wooden shelf. "Salt" and "sugar" are written in Italian on one side of the pots, and in French on the other side.

There is a beautiful end 1960s red, black and orange decoration on the jars. 

Please note that the shadows appearing on top of the lids are reflexions of the light when taking the pictures.

The lids are closed by a plastic disk to protect against breakage when opening and closing the jars. There are some light inscriptions on the plastic, but I can't read them. I do not think it is the brand as it would certainly be engraved at the bottom of the jars. 

I do not know what type of wood the shelf is made of. It is stained in a dark colour.

One of the bars that compose the shelf tends to stick out of its hole. 

This set must have been made in France or in Italy, possibly Italy as it would be rare, according to me, for a French product to have something written in Italian on it. However, this might be an item coming from either side of the Alps, near the French-Italian border, which would explain the bilingual inscriptions.

The pots are both in excellent condition. The shelf is in very good condition.

Dimensions of the pots:

- 16 cm high with the lid. 13.5 cm high without the lid.
- 10 cm approx diameter.

Weight of the set (without protection and packaging): 1507 g

£12.00 inc. tax


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