Vintage French 1970s/1980s paper holes punch machine.


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Nowadays the quality of paper holes punch machines is not as good as it used to be in the past, so why not buy a vintage one?

This French Burmétal 246 has just one flaw: the plastic lid under the machine is missing. The paper confettis will fall directly on your desk (or into the dustbin).

It is in excellent working condition but shows some signs of cosmetic wear: the black colour is a bit scratched on some parts of the metal, and the red metal is also a bit scratched due to the repetitive movement of the press (please see 9th picture).

Dimensions of the machine:  11 cm  x  8.8 cm  and 6.5 high.

Weight (without protection and packaging): 362 g

It is made of metal. 

Characteristics of the holes: 

You have two options: 8 or 7.

If you place the switch on position 8, this is what you will obtain:

Now if you place the switch on position 7, this is what you will obtain:

£5.60 inc. tax


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