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Great, but incomplete, guide "How to See Paris" for the soldiers of the Allied Armies.
First and last pages are missing. I do not know what happened to them and why they were removed from the guide. I have found them on Internet and added their photo to this listing description (last two photos) so you can read the text, or at least part of it.

Numerous photos, all in black and white. Some full page photos.
A map of monuments and, on the reverse side, of the métro, is stuck on the inside back cover. This map is in good condition, although the metro map is quite yellow.

The guide is, nevertheless, in good vintage condition. The front and back covers show signs of age. Inside covers also show signs of age. The pages, which are in good condition, are nevertheless a bit yellow.
The staples are a bit rusted.

Published in English by the French Commissariat Général au Tourisme.

The guide was published in 1945, certainly not later. It can't have been published in 1944 as the Commissariat Général au Tourisme was created in 1945, and there is very little chance that it was published after 1945 as the metro map at the end of the guide is dated 1944, and in 1946 new stations were opened to the public (the ones between Porte d'Ivry and Mairie d'Ivry) and the Tourist office would have provided a newer map.

Dimensions: 17.7 cm  x  13.1 cm
Weight (without protection and packaging): 53 g

Although this guide is incomplete, it is rare enough to be a good addition to a collection about Paris.

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