1960s Hungarian book of 12 postcards


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Very nice book of 12 tourist postcards showing places of interest in Hungary.

None of the postcards have been used.

The book is designed like a cheque book: you detach the postcard you wish to send, and keep the stub, which shows a smaller image of the postcard. Please see last photo.

The Europa hotel, which you can see on the first postcard, was built in 1966, so the book of postcard was published in the second half of the 1960s. Exact date unknown.

The Annabella hotel (please see 5th picture) stilll exists today too.

The book looks a bit old, with some signs of age and manipulation:

- the first postcard has two stains, in the sky and above the trees. Please see 8th picture.

- the back cover is damaged and creased

- the corners and the cardboard flap on first page are a bit damaged

Please remember that removing postcards from a book of postcard reduces the value of the item.

Dimensions: 23.3 cm  x  10.4 cm

Weight: 81 g

£3.50 inc. tax


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