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Excellent vintage 1962 book of learning for children and teenagers, that adults will also enjoy reading.

The reader will learn about art, religions, ancient civilisations,  the history of writing, geography, litterature... Please see 3rd and 4th photos for full contents.

The cover, on the spine and top and bottom left corners, is quite damaged. It has been repaired (glued) on the top left corner.
The top right corner of the front cover shows lighter signs of age, and the top left corner on the back cover is also damaged. Some other lighter signs of age on the covers.

The pages inside are in good condition. Some of them are slightly dog-eared, but there are no scribbles or tears. 

There is a light smell of cave when you open the book, you can smell it but you have to put your nose on the book to fully notice it.

The price of the book reflects its condition. 

I have decided to put this book for sale in spite of its damages because the texts are so excellent, and the black and white illustrations (photos, diagrams, drawings) are so well chosen that this book is really an excellent addition to a private collection or to a library and, as I said above, even adults will enjoy reading it.
Of course, the text reflects the mentality of those days, like when they write on page 112: "The primitive natives of Patagonia". 

Only one colour illustration (full colour frontispiece), placed at the beginning of the book, next to the presentation page.

194 pages (they say on the cover there are 192 pages, but in fact the book ends at page 194), and more than 300 illustrations. 

Hardback, published in 1962 by Collins. 

Dimensions: 25.7 cm  x  18 cm
Weight (without protection and packaging): 626 g

£1.90 inc. tax


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