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This Ladybird book is not a guide to learn gardening, but a science (natural history) book to learn botany. This is why it is for sale in this shop and not on the Etsy shop, where you will find the gardening guides.

It is suitable for readers aged 7 (approximately) to 107 (and beyond). 

The text is on the left page, and a full colour illustration is on the right page.

This book is in very good condition with some normal traces of age: some of the corners are a bit damaged, some stains or traces of dirt:
- page 12, please see 7th photo
- page 32, please see 5th photo
- page 42, please see last photo
- a light trace of pen on the front cover.

Dimensions: 17.8 cm  x  11.8 cm

Weight (without protection and packaging): 92 g

Plants and how they grow, by F.E Newing and Richard Bowood, with illustrations by Ronald Lampitt. Wills and Hepworth Ltd publishers. 

First edition 1965. 

Printed in England

£6.50 inc. tax


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