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Nothing can describe better the content of this great 1972 cooking book than its own introduction, written by the author Myra Street :

"Mixers and blenders have come to stay. These invaluable aids fulfill a very definite need for today's busy housewife. Perhaps you own a mixer and blender and feel a little guilty at the thought that it spends too much time in a cupboard, gathering dust and taking up precious space. This book will show you how to make the fullest possible use of two very useful pieces of equipment which are not luxuries but essential requirements for the modern kitchen." 
"The blender is marvellous for giving you a variety of gourmet dishes at the flick of a switch -pâtés, pâté terrines, sauces, stuffings, and sweet- which would take so much longer using conventional methods."

Of course, in those days, using a mixer or a blender was not so obvious. The objective in Myra Street's introduction is more to convince housewives of the necessity to cook with these appliances than introducing the content of the book itself. 

In 14 chapters, she presents a huge number of recipes to cook wonderful appetisers, soups, dressings, sauces, fish, meat, poultry, game, egg and cheese dishes... and much more! Drawings and black and white pictures illustrate some of the recipes, and eight beautiful full page colour pictures will make you feel very hungry! 

The book is in very good condition. There is just a note written with a pen on the first page (see fourth photograph). The paper jacket looks a bit old on the back cover.

Mixer & Blender Cookbook, by Myra Street. Published by The Hamlyn Publishing Group Limited. 1972.

Hardback with paper jacket. 78 pages + index.

Dimensions : 19 cm x 25.5 cm 
Weight (without protection and packaging): 565 g of great recipes! :-)
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