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Superb book about Notre Dame de Paris. By Richard and Clara Winston and the Editors of the Newsweek Book Division.

This is probably one of the best books, in terms of quality of texts and photography, about Notre Dame cathedral that you will ever find. 

Published in the UK by the Reader's Digest in 1971.

In English

Please see fourth picture for contents.

The best way to present this beautiful 1971 rich, complete and fully illustrated book about Notre Dame is to read what its introduction...

"Silent witness to eight centuries of war and revolution, empire-building and pageantry, the cathedral of Notre Dame has been called the 'bulwark of Paris'. And now Notre-Dame de Paris vividly re-creates the exciting history of French civilization from the vantage point of this famous Gothic edifice."

"Stunning photographs of Notre-Dame, especially taken for this volume by Adam Woolfitt, reveal details obscured until the present decade by centuries of grime. In addition to these modern views, Notre-Dame de Paris is richly illustrated with diagrams and drawings, manuscript illuminations, reliquaries, statues, and paintings -about 150 illustrations, one third in full colour.
A special section, Notre-Dame in Litterature provides excerpts from the writings of authors inspired by the grandeur of the cathedral: François Rabelais, Victor Hugo, Mark Twain, Henry James, and others.
A reference section-including a chronology of French history, an illustrated guide to other Gothic cathedrals of France, detailed information about the illustrations, a selected bibliography, and a complete index -concludes the volume."

The 2 books themselves are in excellent condition.
The jackets are in good condition (no tears) but with some signs of age and traces on both sides (traces of fingers probably, and traces of manipulation of the book)

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