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Vintage (exact manufacturing date unknown, estimated 1940s to 1960s) buckle that you can use to make a belt, use for a handbag... or even as a supply for art or craft.

Brand: Paris selection. 

2 available. They are both in very good condition. They have never been used and are still attached with staples to the cardboard. 

The photos show buckle number 1. Photos of the second one coming very soon.

The cardboard of the first buckle is in better condition than the second one, which has a staple on it.

Parisian shop keepers had full sheets of these buckles, and they used to cut the desired number of items for their customers, so this buckle comes from a sheet and you can see the traces of cut on the cardboard.

It is made of hard iridescent blue plastic with a silver metal tongue. 

Special price if you buy both buckles together (bulk buying discount

Dimensions of the buckle itself: 4.4 cm x 3.1 cm

Weight of the item (without protection and packaging): 4 g

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single £3.50
2 up to 2 £3.00per item
£3.50 inc. tax


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