Early 1960s tourist guide "Paris in Four Days" published before 1964


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This is an early 1960s bilingual English/Spanish edition of the tourist guide "Paris in Four Days" published before 1964. I can not specify the exact date of publishing as it is not mentioned in the book, but the first page of the book shows the address of the publisher without any postcode, which was the norm in France before postcodes were created in 1964.
Even if the book had been published after 64 and the publisher had decided not to put any postcode in his address (which would probably be illegal anyway), it has obviously been published before 1969, as the guide mentions the Bataclan as being a cinema, which was true until 1969. The Bataclan was originally a theatre, then a cinema between 1926 and 1969, then the cinema closed that year and it became a theatre once again.
It is very unlikely that this guide was published in the 1950s, or if it was, it can only be after 1954 when the "Théâtre du Tertre" was opened. A photo of this theatre in Montmartre is shown. This theatre was closed in 1983 and does not exist anymore. 
The photos in this guide are extremely beautiful. Actually, they are the reproductions of postcards published by the same publisher, A. Leconte, who still exists nowadays at a different address, but was specialised in those days only in postcards showing Paris, and maps of Paris. You might see for sale on the internet the postcard versions of some of the pictures in this book. 
A small metro guide (19 cm  x  13.7 cm) is stuck inside the front cover. It shows signs of age on one of its corners and one edge. A map of Paris (27.7 cm  x  21.9 cm) with its monument is stuck on the inside of the back cover. It also shows signs of age (one of the sides is not folded properly).
You also have some information about Versailles and Fontainebleau in this guide.
On the whole, it is in good condition for its age, with some signs of age, for example the front cover is a bit damaged, especially on the top right corner. 
Dimensions of the guide: 23 cm  x  12 cm
Weight (without protection and packaging): 198 g

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