1979 Patchwork and Quilting guide.


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This 1979 Patchwork and Quilting guide is a "guide to equipment, fabrics and techniques" to make beautiful patchworks and quilts.
The text is excellent, the explanations are very clear, and it is full of colour photographs, and colour or black and white illustrations to guide you step by step.
This book will be very useful and helpful even if you do not find the same fabrics (which are typically 1970s) as the ones presented in its pages.
You will learn about the popular shapes to use (hexagon, diamond, octagon...), the recommended fabrics, the preparation of patches... and so much more!
This 30 pages booklet is in acceptable condition as there are some yellow stains on the spine, the inside of the front cover, and on some of the pages (please see photos for examples). The back cover shows signs of age too. However, there are no tears and no scribbles, so apart from the problems mentioned above, which are normal for a booklet of this age, the pages are in very good condition.
Dimensions: 26.3 cm x 19.5 cm
Weight (without protection and packaging): 119 g

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