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What is funny with this vintage jigsaw representing the centre of Paris (with monuments, other places of interest and the metro) is that they have made some mistakes here and there and haven't faithfully reproduced the map of Paris.

They have linked one avenue to the wrong roundabout for example, called a street "Rue St de Sharonne" when the name is in reality "rue de Charonne", and made a mistake with the name of a boulevard (written: "Males Herbes" in two words although the correct name is Malesherbes) . 

These are the three mistakes I have found when comparing the finished jigsaw with a map of Paris. I do not know if there are some other mistakes and, if any, will let you find them.  ;-)

Plan a Jig jigsaws representing cities were produced between 1969 and 1971

500 pieces. The jigsaw has been checked and it is complete. No pieces missing. 

Level of difficulty when tested:

Some pieces are very lightly damaged. Please see photos for details. I have looked very carefully and haven't seen any other damaged pieces.
Apart from these few little damages, the jigsaw is in very good condition. 

The box shows numerous signs of age and looks very old:

Top of the box: one of the corners is damaged, traces of dirt, of tape, tears and a name written on the top left corner.

Bottom of the box: traces of dirt, a tear and rests of tape.

Dimensions of the box: 26 cm  x  20.3 cm  x  3.5 cm
Dimensions of the jigsaw as indicated on the box: 49 cm  x  60 cm

Weight (without protection and packaging): 353 g

Made in Great Britain.


£9.50 inc. tax


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